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300 the movie

An amazing movie: well, from the preview anyways. Not only does this movie look very pleasing graphically, it re-imagines the true story of a small band of Spartan soldiers led by King Leonidas. The Spartans held off an enormous army of Persians that was commanded by Xerxes and bent on conquering Greece. How do I know this? Too much history perhaps? or google; you decide. The movie 300 is director Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s Greek-history-as-superhero tale.

What’s more amazing, is that the whole movie was shot indoors, on a sound stage. Yeah, you heard me right. Director Zack Snyder filmed the ultra-violent 300 on a Montreal sound stage. After recording real actors doing fake battle, he added heavily manipulated digital backdrops. Like Robert Rodriguez with Sin City, Snyder went to enormous lengths to precisely match Frank Miller’s eerie landscapes.

This will definitely be added to my “must see” list.

check out the preview here.

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