Apr 10 07 · culture, comic, humor

Heat Vision and Jack; (0)

In 1999, Ben Stiller set out to make the worst superhero television pilot imaginable. The premise was absurdly bad: An astronaut, Jack Austin (Jack Black), flew too close to the sun, his brain expanded—”like cookie dough”—and he became three times smarter than the smartest man on earth, though only when the sun is up.

“Heat Vision” (Voiced by Owen Wilson) is his motorcycle, sidekick, and unemployed best friend, formerly known as Doug. Heat Vision was transformed from human to motorcycle by character actor Ron Silver. Not a character named “Ron Silver,” but the actor who is purported by the credits to be playing himself. Silver is a “former astronaut,” NASA operative, and “gifted actor” trying to find Jack and so NASA can extract his brain and study it.

The pilot was never picked up…probably for being too awesome.


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