Jul 02 07 · design, themes

Dark_Black Customization Kit (2)

As one of my readers pointed out, (kudos to marc) I didn’t release a customization kit for the theme Dark_Black. Well, I know its been a while, but I am releasing the package with no-included instructions. Basically, this file is the logo.png file with just the striped background, allowing you to make your own logo/typography for your site.

I would really love to include all the png’s for this theme, thereby allowing you to change all the colors… But alas, I was subjected to a major backup failure during routine maintenance/backup. If time permits, I will re-convert these gif/jpg files to png format so that color transformation is a snap.

Till then, edit this empty logo file and place it in the “images” folder (and overwrite the existing file) right off the dark_black root. Next, open up header.php and search for and remove line 40:

40: <a href="<?php bloginfo(’home’); ?>"><?php bloginfo(’name’); ?></a>

After you remove line 40, (of course you can just comment it out too,) uncomment line 41 and it will automatically set the logo.png file inside the “images/” folder as your head logo. Here is what line 41 should look like now:

41: <img class="logo" src="<?php bloginfo(’template_url’); ?>/images/logo.gif" alt="" />

And we’re done. That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Hope this helps out, and if you have any problems/comments be sure to let me know! Oh yeah, you might want to download the customization zipped file now.

Jun 23 07 · design, gaming, search engine

Ask Relaunches: Now “Ask 3D” (0)

The company is touting the release as a “major leap forward” for search. A bold three-panel interface (taken from the experimental Ask X) integrates more multimedia content, including images, videos, music files, as well as more structured text-based content. It also offers a battery of impressive features – new and existing – to bring more context and help to search results. (more…)

Jun 18 07 · design, themes, special

Keep it simple. (2)

I know you are probably thinking, woah.. another freakin’ design. Well I really like the simplistic view, but I didn’t feel like the last couple of designs actually displayed all the information (textual) that I really wanted to show.

I’m not too sure on the color scheme, as I feel it maybe a little colorly-challenged for my taste; but thats not saying much. As for the design, I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out; I did use a lot of the Grid-Focus CSS from Derek Punsalan’s grid theme, as well as various inspiration from other sites and such. (more…)

Jun 10 07 · design, culture, social news

Virbified. (0)

I had the opportunity to check out Virb.com the other day, and I must say.. I am addicted. It is seriously a million times better than that stupid myspace crap, and it seems like a melting pot of designers and average users. I really like how the site is structured and how easy it is to find groups and people to exchange ideas/ just random talk.

While I do feel it caters to more designers/css styling, the user interface is simply amazing compared to any other social network. I suggest you check it out, and hit me up; my page is http://virb.com/base16

Jun 09 07 · design, rants, copyright

Another Rip of My Design… (3)

**This post has been edited for content lol.***
It has gotten to the point where I hate to even check my stats. Seems like everyday someone is stealing the site design, changing credits, and forgetting to change the friggn’ destination links. Guess what cool guy? Everytime you or someone clicks on a link on your site from the code that you so rudely ripped,.. it shows up in my stats. (more…)

May 30 07 · design, site news

Re-Rebooted. (0)

Yes, as you can tell I have (once again) changed the design of the site. This is more of a temp-to-perm design that will reside for at least a couple of months. I went ahead and finished this design so that I could release the “simplistic” theme, that was my previous site design. (more…)

May 30 07 · design, themes

Cycle of ‘The Revision’ (1)

The last couple of weeks I have really checked my linkage stats to see if the “Dark_Black” theme was a hit or miss; What I did find were a lot of revisions, some very good and other kinda weird. There were (2) revisions that I found to be very refreshing, namely a site coined “Dirty Sluts” (I thought a porn site had used the design, but it turns out that it has nothing to do with porn,) and a World of Warcraft Guild Site, ‘Burning Absolution.’ (more…)

May 25 07 · design, site news

May 25th Reboot; (4)

Yeah, so I’m around 4 weeks late on the May 1st reboot, but who cares. I decided this time around that I was tired of the overly-contentified (new word) and wanted a more simplistic approach. Things are still a little new around here, so don’t go breaking things; if you do find something thats broken, be sure to let me know.

Is this theme going to be released to the public? Probably not, but feel free to voice your 2cents if you want.

May 09 07 · design, special

Dark_Black Release (42)

You’ve waited long enough… OneMoreRevision is proud to release the “Dark_Black” theme for Wordpress. The theme has been tested on WordPress 2.1.3 with Firefox and Safari, and works well with IE6/7 too. It validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0, and supports the following plugins:

- flickrRSS - Gravatar - Ultimate Tag Warrior - WP-PageNavi - Falbum*

*Falbum was not supported in the initial release, so I added falbum.php support into the mix, as well as including a style sheet for inclusion.

I took the advice of milo317 and limited the number of posts on the frontpage to three posts. Do do this on your own wordpress site, read this article here. I also added a “Search” label into the search form at the top right of the page, with added code to show a default “search” label that will disappear once the user clicks on the input area, and also that it will reappear if the user clicks somewhere else. Thanks to Etham for that suggestion.

Download the “Dark_Black” theme here (v1.3) or see the (demo)

***UPDATE*** ——–> I finally got around to creating the Dark_Black Customization Kit, and you can download it from here.

May 08 07 · design, site news

Design Already Ripped.. Credits Removed (7)

Apparently This Person couldn’t wait for the “Dark_Black” theme to be released, so he ripped my site. This ordinarily would not be an issue, except that he removed all credit from Bartelme, iLEMONed, and Me.

While I am a proponent of open source, I do feel very strongly about making sure credit is given to proper entities; which is why I even added a link in my footer linking to iLEMONed, even though the original “Dark” theme did not include one. Why add that link? iLEMONed worked hard to code this deisgn from Bartelme, and did an amazing job. He deserves to have a link-back for such hard-work and awesome integration.

In other news, I will be releasing the Dark_Black theme in the next few hours, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The offending website has removed the theme, and the owner has contacted me and we worked things out.

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