Feb 23 07 · culture, music

Code Monkey (0)

I sat down at my desk this morning, popped the tab on my mountain dew, and pulled up my favorite tech news site: digg.com After skimming through some titles, I noticed one called, “Code Monkey.”

“Hmmm.. That title sounds interestingly funny,” I said to myself. I know just what it’s like to be “a slave to the code.” (yes, i am talking about programming.) After some light reading, turns out this title is a song. A song? That’s too funny. I figured, if it made it to the front page of digg, it has to be somewhat funny. Listen to this amazing song here.

A blurb about the song, from the composer: “This song is not autobiographical, but I did indeed used to have a job writing software. VB! MS SQL! I affectionately referred to myself and my co-developers as code monkeys, especially when a client asked me a question that I didn’t want to answer (”What do I know? I’m just a code monkey.”).”

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