Jul 02 07 · site news, themes

Featured on Smashing Magazine! (0)

Hello Smashing Magazine Readers! I must say,.. I feel very privileged to have my theme featured on Smashing Magazine.

All of the designs featured in this article are amazing; I really do feel humbled that this little ol’ blog had a design featured.

In a way, it has kinda inspired me to release some designs I have been sitting on for a while. Make sure to check in the next few days for some new material and design releases!

Jun 19 07 · site news

Want To Share A Tip? Handsome Rewards Inside. (0)

After a long hiatus and designing nightmare, the site is up and running on version 8 and is good to go. Now, I can finally get this thing back on track and reporting on offbeat & generically everything geek. I am in the process of creating a tipster app; the app will allow you, the user, to submit tips and news reports for a handsome reward if your tip is published. Okay, maybe not a handsome reward, but a moderately okay-looking reward in the form of something yet to be determined; I promise it will be something cool, though. :)

As soon as I get the bugs out of the program, slap on a name, and get it integrated I will make sure to let you know. Until then, feel free to send your tips to: [email protected] as the same rules apply. Happy tipping!

May 30 07 · design, site news

Re-Rebooted. (0)

Yes, as you can tell I have (once again) changed the design of the site. This is more of a temp-to-perm design that will reside for at least a couple of months. I went ahead and finished this design so that I could release the “simplistic” theme, that was my previous site design. (more…)

May 25 07 · design, site news

May 25th Reboot; (4)

Yeah, so I’m around 4 weeks late on the May 1st reboot, but who cares. I decided this time around that I was tired of the overly-contentified (new word) and wanted a more simplistic approach. Things are still a little new around here, so don’t go breaking things; if you do find something thats broken, be sure to let me know.

Is this theme going to be released to the public? Probably not, but feel free to voice your 2cents if you want.

May 08 07 · design, site news

Design Already Ripped.. Credits Removed (7)

Apparently This Person couldn’t wait for the “Dark_Black” theme to be released, so he ripped my site. This ordinarily would not be an issue, except that he removed all credit from Bartelme, iLEMONed, and Me.

While I am a proponent of open source, I do feel very strongly about making sure credit is given to proper entities; which is why I even added a link in my footer linking to iLEMONed, even though the original “Dark” theme did not include one. Why add that link? iLEMONed worked hard to code this deisgn from Bartelme, and did an amazing job. He deserves to have a link-back for such hard-work and awesome integration.

In other news, I will be releasing the Dark_Black theme in the next few hours, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The offending website has removed the theme, and the owner has contacted me and we worked things out.

May 07 07 · design, site news

Releasing the “Dark_Black” Theme (4)

After final consideration, I have decided to release the Dark_Black theme this week! What day will it be released? Not sure.

As schedule permits, the theme package should be available by Thursday, May 10th, at 12:01am. I would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. A follow-up customization package will also be made available a few days after the initial release.

What about the “Dark_Orange” theme?

Don’t worry; I will also be releasing the Dark_Orange theme in next few days also. Till then, feel free to spit out any other suggestions for new schemes/color ideas for development.

May 03 07 · site news

Ultimate Tag Headaches (0)

I’ve been running around like a chicken with my *beep* cut off trying to figure out whats going on with the tags in each post. It seems everytime there is a comment posted, it removes all my tags.

Apparently, I missed the boat. I was running UTW from 1963, and that does not seem to mesh well with WordPress 2.1. Anyways, I went ahead and setup the newest version of UTW3 (Ultimate Tag Warrior3) with the http://082net.com/ fix:


Apr 30 07 · site news, humor

Case of the Mondays? (0)

I don’t know about you, but the morning is always when I’m at my least productive. It’s not that I’m especially lazy or incapable of operating before noon, but I just seem so scattered, so overwhelmed with different projects and leftover remnants of to-do lists from the previous day that I find it difficult to get started.

With that, here are some links for your viewing pleasure.

GetANewBrowser: Check out this site for some “monday” office humor.
CNN Money: 20 Jobs with the Fastest Growing Salary
The Might of Mother Nature: The most feared elements in nature, beautifully captured.
EWeek: 12 Ways To Be A security Idiot

And yes, the links are quite random today.

Feb 21 07 · site news

Gone Retro (0)

I had this elaborate idea of how I wanted my website to look and well, the idea was better on paper than in actuality. And in all honesty, I am really pleased with the simple/minimalistic approach. Till the site is completed, feel free to check out these sites.

hackaday : despite the name, it is an awesome modding/hacking hardware & software of modern day technology: very insightful information.

instructables : a website where passionate people share what they do and how they it, and learn from and collaborate with others. An amazing conglomeration of information and very unique how-to’s.

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