Jun 10 07 · design, culture, social news

Virbified. (0)

I had the opportunity to check out Virb.com the other day, and I must say.. I am addicted. It is seriously a million times better than that stupid myspace crap, and it seems like a melting pot of designers and average users. I really like how the site is structured and how easy it is to find groups and people to exchange ideas/ just random talk.

While I do feel it caters to more designers/css styling, the user interface is simply amazing compared to any other social network. I suggest you check it out, and hit me up; my page is http://virb.com/base16

May 02 07 · news, create, social news

Fighting the Man: The Digg Story (0)

When someone posted the code that decrypts HD-DVD format DRM on the social news site Digg, Digg administrators took down posts and banned accounts over it. Little did anyone know, that was just the beginning of a tremendous uproar.

What’s the big Deal?

The controversy started when a Digg user posted a string of hexadecimal code that is used to decrypt the DRM on the HD-DVD format. That string can be used with certain software to allow the playback of HD-DVD content on Linux systems, which are otherwise unsupported by the movie industry.


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