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Stem Cell Bill Approved by Senate

A stubborn Senate voted Wednesday to ease restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research, ignoring President Bush’s threat of a second veto on legislation designed to lead to new medical treatments. The 63-34 vote was shy of the margin that would be needed to enact the measure over presidential opposition, despite gains made by supporters in last fall’s elections.

The House, which passed similar legislation earlier in the year, is expected to adopt the Senate’s version in the next several weeks for Bush’s veto.
The Senate’s action marked the latest act in a drama that blends science and politics on an issue that affects millions of disease sufferers and their families.

At least if Bush veto’s this bill again, he won’t have the opportunity to veto it a third time. Sucks to be him. Peter Kiernan, head of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation was quoted, “The one thing we know is we will outlast him.”

I for one, will be glad to see an end to the veto Nazi’s reign.

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